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  • It's On Us: Raising Awareness to Prevent Sexual Assault with Snapchat

    The "It's On Us" campaign kicked off its first-ever National Week of Action, an effort to mobilize students to take action to prevent sexual assault.

  • Get Off the Sidelines: It's On Us

    Our responsibility is to get off of the sidelines. Don't just be a bystander: Intervene when you see someone who might be at risk of sexual assault. That's what this It's On Us message -- narrated by actor Jon Hamm -- is all about.

  • Weekly Address: It's Time to Help Women and Working Families

    In this week's address, the President highlighted the progress our economy is making, and the commonsense policies that could make it even stronger by ensuring that everyone who works hard has the opportunity to get ahead, especially women and working families.

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