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  • Betsey Stevenson: "94 Years Later, Here's Where We Are:"

    Last night, White House economist Betsey Stevenson sent the email below to the White House email list, telling the story of the progress women have made since gaining the right to vote -- and what's still left to accomplish.

  • Follow Along: White House Economist Betsey Stevenson Takes Over the "I Love Charts" Tumblr

    Today, White House Economist Betsey Stevenson is taking over the popular "I Love Charts" Tumblr blog in honor of Women's Equality Day. Follow along here, or on the White House Tumblr.

  • Celebrating Women's Equality Day, 2014

    On this Women’s Equality Day, we should all pay homage to the trailblazers who fought for our suffrage and made a more just and prosperous future possible for all Americans. In the years ahead, President Obama and his Administration will continue doing all we can to ensure that women and girls have every opportunity to reach their greatest potential.

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