Office of the United States Trade Representative

Council Member: Michael Froman, United States Trade Representative

Council Designee: Lisa Mary Estelle Ryckman, Senior Policy Advisor, Office Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement

Mary Estelle Ryckman, as Senior Policy Advisor, is responsible for USTR’s new effort on women in economic growth, overall coordination of USTR’s implementation of the Administration’s development strategy as it relates to trade, and matters relating to Millennium Challenge Corporation. Ms. Ryckman works closely with other federal agencies, international organizations, the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

Prior to her current assignment, Ms. Ryckman held numerous positions at USTR, including Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Trade and Development and Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Canada. She has over 20 years of negotiating experience covering the full range of trade issues, from the Uruguay Round to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum to investment issues, including bilateral investment treaties and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment negotiations in the OECD.

Ms. Ryckman also spent five years as a commercial loan officer in Boston before joining the federal government. She received a graduate degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University in 1988 and completed her undergraduate work at Princeton University in 1981.


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