Key Stakeholders

Workplace flexibility is an issue that affects how Americans work and live.  To bring a broad perspective to your event, there are a number of key stakeholders that you may want to invite to participate.  This section of the Kit provides suggestions for who some of these stakeholders might be.    

Also, the Resources for Specific Stakeholders section includes materials developed by organizations in the workplace flexibility field for particular audiences.

The Employer Community

Employers, Employer Associations, and Chambers of Commerce are key stakeholders in promoting workplace flexibility in your community. 

As you plan how to involve employers in your event, you may want to look at the resources of Corporate Voices for Working Families – a non-profit, non-partisan business membership organization – particularly its Workplace Flexibility Challenge, which strives to engage businesses across the country to expand smart workplace flexibility practices.

Additionally, business school faculty may be able to provide expertise on the business case for workplace flexibility, as well as carry the workplace flexibility message back to the future business leaders in their classrooms.

State and Local Officials

While local employers will be integral to the conversation, you may wish to have your dialogue include perspectives from public officials in your community.  These include labor commissioners, committee chairs in the state legislature, mayors, county commissioners, and others.

Other Stakeholders  

You may also want to consider involving employee associations, unions, advocacy organizations and community groups, either because of their expertise or the perspectives they can offer.  You may wish to include representatives of groups in your community that face particular challenges with regard to workplace flexibility, such as:

  • caregivers
  • older workers
  • low-wage workers
  • workers with health issues or disabilities
  • military families
Start a Conversation in Your Community About Workplace Flexibility