About the Council

To address challenges in Rural America, build on the Administration’s rural economic strategy, and improve the implementation of that strategy, the President signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Rural Council.

The Council will coordinate the Administration’s efforts in rural America by performing three core functions. It will:

  1. Streamline and improve the effectiveness of Federal programs serving rural America. Through smarter government we can do even more to improve outcomes and lower costs for the American taxpayer.
  2. Engage stakeholders, including farmers, ranchers, and local citizens, on issues and solutions in rural communities. The Rural Council will create and coordinate opportunities for direct dialogue between the Administration and Rural America.
  3. Promote and coordinate private-sector partnerships. The Rural Council will find new ways for the government to partner with private organizations in solving shared problems, and develop new, innovative models of partnership.


The White House Rural Council will focus on job creation and economic development by focusing on the following four key areas:

  1. Opportunity: Increasing the flow of capital to rural areas, job creation, and workforce development
  2. Innovation: Including the expansion of telecommunications, renewable energy and new markets for rural communities
  3. Quality of Life: Including increased access to quality health care, education, and housing, and particularly in persistent poverty counties and tribal areas.
  4. Conservation: Including expansion of outdoor opportunities and economic growth.

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