Rural Council Members

The White House Rural Council is a convening body comprised of federal agencies, in collaboration with the Executive Office of the President.   The Council will connect with and draw upon the expertise of farmers, ranchers, and local citizens to help inform and carry out its work.

  • The Secretary of Agriculture (who serves as the Chair of the Council)
  • The Department of the Treasury
  • The Department of Defense
  • The Department of Justice
  • The Department of the Interior
  • The Department of Commerce
  • The Department of Labor
  • The Department of Health and Human Services
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • The Department of Transportation
  • The Department of Energy
  • The Department of Education
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The Department of Homeland Security
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Federal Communications Commission
  • Delta Regional Authority*
  • Appalachian Regional Commission*
  • Corporation for National and Community Service*
  • The Office of Management and Budget
  • The Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • The Office of National Drug Control Policy
  • The Council of Economic Advisers
  • The Domestic Policy Council
  • The National Economic Council
  • The Small Business Administration
  • The Council on Environmental Quality
  • The White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • The White House Office of Cabinet Affairs

*and such other executive branch departments, agencies, and offices as the President or the Secretary of Agriculture may, from time to time, designate.

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