Two New Groups Dedicated to Open Government

In accordance with the Open Government Directive, two working groups have been established to help develop specific actions to implement the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration set forth in the President’s Memorandum of January 21, 2009.

First, Federal Agencies have designated a high-level senior official to be accountable for the quality of Federal spending information.  In an ongoing commitment to transparency, participation, and collaboration, these senior leaders will work together to ensure that Federal spending information meets adequate controls to ensure quality data is are available to the public.  The senior leaders will also participate in the agency’s Senior Management Council. 

Second, the White House created a Working Group on January 6 to focus on transparency, accountability, participation, and collaboration within the Federal Government.  With senior-level representation from program and management offices throughout the Government, this group will serve several critical functions.  These functions include (1) the development and sharing of best practices and innovative ideas to promote transparency, encourage participation, and foster collaboration and (2) coordinating efforts to implement existing mandates for Federal spending transparency.

With representation from across government, the work of these two groups will support Federal Agencies as they encourage transparency, cultivate public participation, and create opportunity for innovative collaborations.

Vivek Kundra is Chief Information Officer
Aneesh Chopra is Chief Technology Officer

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