OSTP Director Holdren Teaches Classes, Gives Lecture at University of Michigan

OSTP Director John P. Holdren just returned from an intensive day-and-a-half visit to the University of Michigan, where he taught classes, spoke to the university’s president as well as two vice presidents and several deans, and gave a heavily attended public lecture about the Obama Administration’s science and technology priorities.

The public event was on Monday night, when Dr. Holdren had the honor of delivering the annual Peter M. Wege Lecture, which took place before an audience of almost 1,000 people in the University’s Rackham Hall. The webcast is available here.

Earlier that day Dr. Holdren was the guest lecturer in Engineering 101: Introduction to Computers and Programming; was the guest speaker in a cross-disciplinary class of Master’s students; and delivered a guest lecture to a special combined session of two classes in the university’s School of Natural Resources and Environment—Behavior and Environment: The Psychology of Human-Environment Interaction, and a sister course in Industrial Ecology. Finally, on Tuesday, Dr. Holdren participated in a roundtable discussion featuring university researchers and conducted a Question and Answer session with students entitled “Beyond Sputnik: National Science Policy in the 21st Century.”

It was a great opportunity to share what’s happening in Washington in the domain of science and engineering policy and the Administration’s economic and innovation agenda with students, faculty, and officials at one of the Nation’s largest research universities.

 Dr. Holdren's presentation is available in OSTP's Resource Library.

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