Unified House Applauds Administration Efforts in Science, Math Education

Who says Congress disagrees about everything? Yesterday, the House of Representative voted 378-2 to pass a resolution drawing congratulatory attention to President Obama’s efforts to improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and the Administration’s Educate to Innovate campaign, which has inspired an “all hands on deck” effort by volunteers, industry, philanthropies, and others to help students get excited about STEM subjects and careers.

The House resolution specifically offers kudos to National Lab Day, a nationwide initiative to build local communities of support that will foster ongoing collaborations among volunteers, students and science educators. It’s an effort that the First Lady highlighted this week as she cheered on the final teams at National Science Bowl. As the First Lady put it:

That's why my husband and his administration want to ensure that every single child in this country gets a good education, particularly in math and science.

Next week’s National Lab Day is a great example of what this might look like—this kind of investment. The President has highlighted his grassroots effort, which brings together scientists like Secretary Chu, organizations representing teachers, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and local volunteers to work with young people in fun hands-on learning.

These students are going to be with us, they’re going to launch rockets, construct miniature windmills, and learn by doing and not just by listening.

We want to bring more hands-on learning like this to students by also modernizing science labs and supporting project-based learning, and expanding advanced courses in schools throughout the country.

We want to create more opportunities for under-represented groups as well, particularly women and girls. We want them to have the confidence; we want all our young women to have the confidence and the support to take on the study and to succeed in the study of science, math, engineering and technology.

And we want to build communities of support for all the teachers who make these subjects come alive for our students. We couldn't do it without you.

The President, First Lady, and 378 members of Congress can’t all be wrong! So get involved with National Lab Day by volunteering, posting a project, or making a video. May 12 is National Lab Day.

Kumar Garg is a Policy Analyst in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

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