Health Care Reform Questions Answered via Twitter

Nancy-Ann DeParle answers health care reform questions via TwitterEarlier today, Nancy-Ann DeParle, the Director of the White House Office of Health Reform answered some questions via the @WhiteHouse account on Twitter that were posed by a popular blogger, Heather Armstrong (aka @Dooce).  During the interview, Nancy-Ann also answered a question from someone else who chimed in.

The interview covered pre-existing conditions, high-risk pools, health care tax credits for businesses and other important parts of the health care law.  To learn even more, check out what health care reform means to you.

Here's a play by play of the questions:

Nancy-Ann DeParle is going to use @whitehouse to answer some of @dooce's #healthreform questions - ready now: than a minute ago via Twitpic

@whitehouse How soon will my husband and I (we both have preexisting conditions) be able to get comprehensive health care?less than a minute ago via Tweetie

Later this summer there will be a transitional high risk pool for ppl who’ve been unable to get ins. b/c of preexisting conditions @dooceless than a minute ago via web

By 2014, preexisting condition exclusions will be banned and everyone will be able to get coverage. @dooceless than a minute ago via web

There will be a fine for those who do not have insurance, but what about those who can't afford it? @whitehouseless than a minute ago via web

New law says no penalty for those who can’t afford insurance & provides tax credits & support for those who need it @dooceless than a minute ago via web

What about businesses that already provide health care to their employees. Will this cause their costs to escalate? @whitehouseless than a minute ago via web

No. In fact, the new law cuts costs for businesses. For example, new tax credits for small businesses: @dooceless than a minute ago via web

The new law also saves money for large employers - here's a good study on that @dooceless than a minute ago via web

@whitehouse i pay a lot for my insurance,but it's good. will i be forced onto something lower quality because of the new law & higher costs?less than a minute ago via web

@mjkidk that's an easy one: NO - if you like the insurance you have, you can keep it.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Will healthcare reform help put mental illness on a level playing field in terms of other debilitating illnesses? @whitehouseless than a minute ago via web

Yes, like physical health, mental health benefits are part of the essential health benefits package @dooceless than a minute ago via web

From @QID_WHY : Is there a system in place to stop premiums from skyrocketing for those who keep their current insurance? @whitehouseless than a minute ago via web

We'll be watching insurers closely & encouraging state regulators to act. @dooceless than a minute ago via web

If insurers jack rates up unreasonably, they won't be allowed into the new marketplace (exchange) where people can choose among plans @dooceless than a minute ago via web

Thank you, Nancy-Ann DeParle and @whitehouse. Obviously a lot of people care and are concerned about this issue.less than a minute ago via web

@dooce you're welcome - this was a lot of fun! Take care, Nancy-Annless than a minute ago via web

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