Recognizing our Government’s Cybersecurity Experts

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending the awards ceremony at Fort Gillem, Georgia for one of our nation’s top cyber-defenders. At this event Special Agent Thomas M. Williamson received the outstanding special agent of the year award from U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Command’s Computer Crime Investigation Unit.

As stated at the ceremony:

Special Agent Thomas M. Williamson delivered the highest levels of support...He directly contributed to successful prosecutions that resulted in over 20 years of combined confinement, with several other high-visibility cases equally postured for future prosecutive success. Special Agent Williamson often mentored other [special agents], and he went above and beyond to bolster [the Army’s] overarching computer crimes and digital evidence program through methodical research and untiring support. Special Agent Williamson’s contributions were truly outstanding during the preceding year.

Recognizing our Government’s Cybersecurity Experts

 The President has declared cybersecurity to be a top national and economic security priority. Every day there are thousands of attempts to penetrate sensitive military networks to steal our nation’s secrets and military technology. The Army’s Computer Crimes Investigation Unit is one of a variety of organization that the Department of Defense has established to defend our networks and track down our cyber adversaries. Special Agent Williams is a shining example of the type of men and women we need in the Federal government to secure cyberspace.

Howard A. Schmidt is a Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator