National Cyber Security Awareness Month Kicks Off

I am very pleased to announce the beginning of National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2010.  This is the 7th Annual celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. 

Today, President Obama reflected his continued commitment to cybersecurity as a national priority and signed a proclamation recognizing October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The awareness campaign in October reminds us all that we have a shared responsibility to protect the cyber networks  we rely upon for everything from conducting our daily business at work to keeping in touch with our families, loved ones, and friends, to teaching our children and communities, conducting our finances, and keeping the lights on. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the time of the year we need to stop and realize all the things we can do collectively to keep our selves cyber-educated, cyber-smart, and cyber-assured.

The official launch of the event will be National Cyber Security Awareness Month will take place in Seattle, Washington at the Seattle Public Library on Monday, October 4.  It will be simulcast from the National Capital Region.  Senior government and industry officials will participate in officially kicking off National Cyber Security Awareness Month on both coasts for the first time in its history.  This will be the first of many events and activities sponsored by federal, state, local  government, the private sector, and international partners  that will take place throughout October. 

As the President said in his proclamation, I urge all Americans to visit and for more information about practices that can enhance the security of our shared cyber networks.

Howard A. Schmidt is the Cybersecurity Coordinator and Special Assistant to the President