Saving Homeowners Money and Creating Jobs

I was thrilled to take part in the Vice President’s Middle Class Task Force event at the White House today announcing home energy efficiency measures that will achieve real cost savings and environmental benefits for American families.  Among the announcements was the creation of a voluntary Home Energy Score program from the Department of Energy that will provide families with clear, reliable and customized information about their home’s energy efficiency.  This means that homeowners who are considering energy retrofits will have an easy way to make cost-effective decisions about energy upgrades.  (See a sample of the Home Energy Score below.)

The Home Energy Score and the other measures we announced today are designed support the growth of a strong, self sustaining home energy efficiency industry in the United States. They also get to the heart of the Recovery Through Retrofit initiative, which focused on ways to help save Americans money on their electricity bills while growing job opportunities here at home.

At the White House meeting, I was proud to look around and see how many people have been involved in this initiative and have been working together for 18 months to make these programs a reality for American homeowners.  Today was just the beginning.  We will continue to pursue ideas that make sense for our economy, for our environment, and for America’s middle class.

Home Energy Score

November 10, 2010.

Nancy Sutley is Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality

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