Every Vote Counts to SAVE

More than 45,000 people have made their voices heard in selecting this year’s winner of the President’s SAVE Award – and there is still time for you to vote too. Just go to www.SAVEAward.gov, take a few seconds, and help select the best idea from our Final Four on how government can cut waste and improve performance.

As I’ve written about before,  President Obama launched the second annual SAVE Award earlier this year— a program that offers every federal employee the chance to submit ideas about how government can be more efficient and effective in its work. Over the course of three weeks, federal employees submitted more than 18,000 ideas.

Voting began on Monday, and as of the close of business yesterday, we had 45,000 votes. Voting is open until 8:00 PM ET on Friday. So, cast your vote – and the person whose idea is voted the best will get to meet the President, present the winning idea directly to him, and will have that idea included in the FY2012 Budget.

Once again, vote  – and spread the word about how everyone can help choose this year’s winner.

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