TEDxPentagon: The Human Stories

Today, eleven remarkable people will give eleven riveting talks. What's unique about them, besides experiences like being a female engagement team Marine in Afghanistan or an explosive ordinance disposal technician in Iraq, is that they're all from the Department of Defense. The eleven speakers of TEDxPentagon represent America's men and women in uniform, and the families who stand strong alongside them. Watch the live stream here.

Like other remarkable speakers who come together under the umbrella of the TED conferences (Technology, Entertainment, and Design), these speakers will share experience, lessons, and stories that range from wonderful to terrifying, and enlightening to inspiring.

TED's mission is to share "Ideas Worth Sharing". The men and women of the America's military have many such stories. For the past few months, team members from the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, and military civilian communities have been working together to curate bring together a small sample of speakers who will share ideas that really are worth sharing. The Department of Defense organized TEDxPentagon to share the human side of a military that can seem vast and imposing to many. They are stories of innovation, bravery, and hope, and serve as a reminder that our military is made up not just of weapons and gadgets, but of people, too. I hope that these men and women will inspire you as much as they inspired me, and that you will tune in and watch the event live at www.livestream.com/tedxpentagon.

Sumit Agarwal is Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Outreach and Social Media
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