Cabinet Members Write to Congress to Discuss Implementation of Affordable Care Act

As you may have seen, Republicans in the House of Representatives unveiled a bill this week that would repeal the greater freedom and control the law will give all Americans over their health care decisions.

For people with insurance, the law introduces new insurance market rules that ensure greater transparency and accountability, including better value for premium dollars, as well as important new consumer protections.  For people seeking insurance, the law helps make sure you have ways to access it.  

These new reforms halt the worst insurance industry abuses, and provides much needed relief that would be taken away under a repeal.

To provide an update on implementation of the law, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner sent a letter to Members of Congress yesterday. They also discussed how the law will continue to give Americans more freedom in their health care choices and protection from insurance company abuses as implementation continues in 2011.
Here’s an excerpt:

Since March, we have made great strides toward a health care system that is stronger and more affordable and that will work better for all Americans. 
If the Affordable Care Act were repealed as some have proposed, the individuals we have heard from plus the millions of families, seniors, other individuals, and small businesses already helped would lose this support and these protections.
We urge you to consider all that this law has already done to improve the health and financial security of so many Americans – and what it will mean to hundreds of millions or more in the next several years – as you evaluate any proposal that would set the Nation back on a path to higher costs and skyrocketing premiums, less competition, and fewer consumer protections against industry abuses.

Read the full letter.

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Stephanie Cutter is Assistant to the President for Special Projects.

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