Startup America Travels to South by Southwest

This weekend, as an important component of the President’s strategy to out-innovate our economic competitors, the Administration’s Startup America initiative will travel to Austin, Texas.  In Texas, I will be joining my colleagues at South by Southwest (SXSW) to engage directly with entrepreneurs—prospective and established—and to help celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the Nation.

To complement our efforts, Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and Chairman of the Case Foundation, and Carl Schramm, President and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, have organized a public response to the President’s call to action, engaging entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, foundation leaders, and others to increase the prevalence and success of high growth startups via the Startup America Partnership. The Partnership’s newly hired CEO, Scott Case, will join us at SXSW.

Rather than lecture from the podium, we are reserving the bulk of our time for each of our two sessions (Saturday, March 12, 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.) to respond to your questions and ideas. To that end, we’ve added two options for feedback:

  • Share your ideas on what barriers we should reduce or express your opinion on other ideas already posted.
  • Ask questions for my colleagues on the panel to answer via Twitter—hashtag #suasxsw for the festival or follow #startupamerica for updates.

We started our conversation last week in the heart of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.  Over 150 entrepreneurs, investors, and others challenged Administration officials on ideas like extending student loan deferments for startups and a new immigration category called “startup visa”.

Joining me at SXSW will be:

  • Ronnie Chatterji (Council of Economic Advisors)
  • Sean Greene (U.S. Small Business Administration)
  • David Kappos (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
  • Todd Park (Health and Human Services)
  • Scott Case (Startup America Partnership)

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to hearing from you and taking swift action to support our Nation’s entrepreneurial economic engine.

Aneesh Chopra is U.S. Chief Technology Officer

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