Council on Women and Girls Weekly Highlights

Welcome to the Council on Women and Girls’ Weekly Highlights. This week, the President addressed major world issues including the crisis in Japan and the current conflict in the Middle East. President Obama also dedicated his weekly address to discussing Women’s History Month and the importance of fair pay, and spoke about reforming our education system. To read more about this, the First Lady’s replanting the White House garden, and our ongoing Women’s History Month click on the links below.

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President Obama’s Statement on Libya

Learn about the Ongoing Response to the Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan

President Obama: “We Will Stand with the People of Japan”

Watch the Weekly Address: Women’s History Month & Fair Pay

President Obama: “It’s Not Enough to Leave No Child Behind. We Need to Help Every Child Get Ahead.”

President Obama Meets with Fresh Science Talent

Read about The First Lady Replanting the White House Garden

Valerie Jarrett on Women@NASA: Inspiring Girls to Reach for the Stars

Read about Tina Tchen Mobilizing Today’s Generation of Young Feminist Leaders

Read about Making Workplaces More Flexible

Meet the Women of the Administration: Taryn Benarroch

Take a Look at Women in Uniform, From World War Two to Today

Removing Mercury and Other Toxins From the Air We Breathe

The President’s Press Conference: The Causes, Government Response, and Long-Term Solutions to Rising Gas Prices

West Wing Week: “Punching Above Your Weight”

Monique Dorsainvil is a Staff Assistant in the Office of Public Engagement focusing on the Council for Women and Girls and LGBT Outreach

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