We deal with a lot of big numbers in our daily work here at OMB, but now we will start focusing on a small one: 140.

Yes, OMB’s communications shop is joining the Twitterverse to give the American people insight into the work we do in 140 characters or less.

We hope to use this outlet to bring attention both to the important budget and fiscal issues before us and to the full range of initiatives that OMB is involved with including regulations, information technology, Executive Orders and Presidential Memoranda, federal contracting, the management of the federal government, the President’s Campaign to Cut Waste, statements of Administration policy, and statistical standards and practices.

I'll be the main person behind the account for now, and others from the OMB communications team will pitch in too.

We look forward to joining the conversation about all these topics, and urge all OMBlog readers to follow us @OMBPress.

Kenneth Baer is Senior Advisor and Associate Director for Communications and Strategic Planning at the White House Office of Management and Budget.

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