Happy Anniversary, National Ocean Policy

Particularly in matters that reach well beyond our own interests, New York appreciates having a well-drafted national roadmap to follow. As with all good policy, EO 13547 provides the right mix of inspiration and direction, while laying an inclusive foundation that provides room for everyone to participate. Even more importantly, by allowing states and regions the flexibility to determine their own destinies, the National Ocean Policy is fostering a culture of collaboration and shared decision-making. At the state level, we now benefit from having the strength and resources of the federal government in our corner, as we work toward meeting New York's needs. At a broader level, the five-state Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean has been given a worthy and supportive federal partner to help resolve some of our region's most pressing ocean challenges. We wish the National Ocean Policy a very happy anniversary, and many more.

George Stafford is Deputy Secretary for the New York Department of State

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