American Jobs Act Would Help Hard Working Families Pay for Education


Sabrina Mangrum works hard as a student teacher in Maryland, and even harder at home, where she and her husband are raising six children, aged two-25. Sabrina and Dannie, who has been a corrections officer for 17 years,  are hoping Congress passes the American Jobs Act, because the extra money in every paycheck will enable them to put something aside for their children’ educations.

Education is extremely important to the Mangrum family, who are in the process of adopting the three children they have been fostering through Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area. “All of my heart and mind are focused on giving them a better life,” says Sabrina Mangrum. The extra money is not about luxuries in this family, but the chance to have something left over, some money to spend taking the children to museums and to places where they can expand their worldview.

“We are teaching our children the difference between wants and needs,” she said. The payroll tax holiday that is central to President Obama’s plan to put workers back on the job and put more money in the pockets of working Americans would offer a cushion to the Mangrum family. “Now it’s all hustle and bustle to make ends meet, we would be able to more easily enjoy life with additional funds – bring home, do what’s necessary and have some left over.”

But that is not the only provision of the American Jobs Act that will benefit this family. The Mangrum’s oldest son is a 25-year-old college graduate who is living on his own in Philadelphia and has not been able to find a full time job in his chosen field. “He is maintaining but not where he wants to be,” says his mother. She hopes that the hiring incentives in the American Jobs Act will open up doors for her ambitious son, and believes the opportunity will be very beneficial for him.

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