The American Jobs Act Bus Tour

Bus Tour Map Graphic

President Obama begins the American Jobs Act Bus Tour this morning.

For three days, he'll tour cities in both North Carolina and Virginia -- visiting schools, an airport, a military base, and a fire station. He'll be talking about his plan to put Americans back to work, upgrade our country's infrastructure, and keep teachers and emergency responders on the job.

Last week, Senate Republicans voted to block the President's proposal, playing politics instead of working to grow our economy.

But this fight to create jobs and rebuild our nation's roads and bridges is far from over. On Wednesday, President Obama said:

We will keep organizing and we will keep pressuring and we will keep voting until this Congress finally meets its responsibilities and actually does something to put people back to work and improve the economy.

This bus tour puts a face on the teachers, firefighters, and police officers whose livelihoods are threatened by inaction.

The trip began this morning in Asheville, North Carolina and wraps up Wednesday in North Chesterfield, Virginia.

The first event was this morning at Asheville Regional Airport, where the President spoke about the need to upgrade the nation's infrastructure.

At 5:00 ET this afternoon, the President will speak from West Wilkes High School in Miller's Creek, North Carolina. You can watch those remarks live at

You'll also be able to watch the President speak tomorrow from Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, North Carolina using the same link. On Wednesday, we'll also stream video of President Obama as he speaks at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia and a firehouse in North Chesterfield, Virginia.


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