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Art Cart in The Big Apple

There are many things that can inspire us. Whether it’s listening to the story of a war veteran, learning about someone who successfully started a company, or reading a speech from historic figures fighting injustice there are so many places to look for inspiration. For many there is one thing they can always rely on to stir imagination and passion - art.

Hannah Flegelman

Hannah Flegelman. (Photo from HelloGiggles)

Most of us do not get the chance to work with artists and art on a daily basis. Many people do not have the time to visit a museum or a gallery during the work week and therefore find themselves craving to reinvigorate their creative juices. This week’s Women Working to Do Good profile of Hannah Flegelman highlights the savvy way she is bringing creativity to the people in the streets of New York City proving that art can be discovered anywhere. Hannah found her inspiration for Art Cart NYC in a very unlikely place:

Food carts were “developing beyond the typical street [carts] you see on Broadway [in NYC]” into sophisticated gourmet restaurants on wheels. “I thought to myself, how great would it be if instead of a food cart, we had an art cart that could gather a following and exhibit art in a similar fashion as the way in which these trucks serve up their fares?” Thus, Art Cart came into being.

Hannah has been described by her classmates as that girl that everyone wants to be friends with and don’t we all want to know what that girl is up to now. Well here is your chance. Check out Hannah’s story from our series with HelloGiggles and get inspired to make change in your community.

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