Meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

20111129 Dutch Bilat

President Barack Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, in the Oval Office, Nov. 29, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Obama continues to meet with European leaders in an effort to help find a solution to the Eurozone crisis.

Today, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was at the White House to discuss his government's commitment to keeping the euro intact -- as well as a range of additional issues.

The President told reporters that the United States has "no stronger ally" than the Netherlands -- and discussed why the nation is such an important economic partner:

[Despite] the fact that the Netherlands doesn't have a huge population, they are one of our most important trading partners. The economic relationship between our two countries is deep; it is broad. We are one of the largest investors in the Netherlands. The Netherlands, in turn, is one of the largest investors in the United States. And so, given both of our interests in promoting commerce, growth and jobs, it is very important that we coordinate with the Netherlands.

Read the full remarks from the President and Prime Minister here.

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