President Obama Talks About Ways to Help Homeowners

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan listens as President Obama delivers remarks on housing (February 1, 2012)

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan listens as President Barack Obama delivers remarks on housing and the Homeowners Bill of Rights at the James Lee Community Center in Falls Church, Va., Feb. 1, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Today, in Falls Church, Virginia, President Obama expanded on the ideas he first presented in the State of the Union on ways to help responsible homeowners refinance their mortgages.

Here are more details about that plan.

But the President also said that we can't wait on Congress to take action to help working families in this country:

Already, we’ve set up a special task force I asked my Attorney General to establish to investigate the kind of activity banks took when they packaged and sold risky mortgages.  And that task force is ramping up its work as we speak. We’re going to keep at it and hold people who broke the law accountable and help restore confidence in the market.  We’re going to speed assistance to homeowners. And we’re going to turn the page on an era of recklessness that hurt so many hardworking Americans. 

Read the full remarks here. Or watch the video to learn more.

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