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A Gem of a Project

I’ve always believed that when concerns arise in our communities, our young leaders possess the strongest set of tools to solve them. One of the greatest aspects of this generation is the unparalleled and unyielding dedication to issues which matter to them: family values, education, and health care, for example. There are few things more inspirational to see and be a part of. 


Amanda Ebokosia

Amanda Ebokosia. (Photo from HelloGiggles)

In this week’s edition of “Women Working to Do Good” HelloGiggles spotlights Amanda Ebokosia, an incredible young woman who founded an organization that assists young Americans to enact reforms and community programs on issues that matter most to them. The author writes,

Amanda hopes to expand across the nation with a standard lesson plan for the Interactive Literacy Program, as well as College Campus Marches that are organized to make change for issues that students care about.  What’s so inspiring about this project is that Amanda puts the reigns in everyone’s hands, nurturing and empowering them to organize where they see fit.

Amanda has gone above and beyond to tackle issues that matter to her and her community, and helped thousands of young Americans start their own initiatives. It’s a ‘gem’ of an idea to make sure we do our part as well.

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 Ronnie Cho is an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

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