Happy Earth Day! Avoid Feeling Green Guilt by Recycling Responsibly

Earth Day Recycling

Did you know....

that recycling is a proud American tradition? During the First and Second World Wars, families participated in scrap drives, gathering cloth, paper, and metals for reuse in manufacturing that helped fuel our military and our economic growth. Today, the Obama Administration is committed to bolstering recycling programs through individual action, community engagement, and national initiatives, and we have broadened our efforts to include a vast array of pioneering industrial processes that will drive our clean economy and create green jobs. These advances cut waste, preserve our natural bounty, and spur the robust and sustainable economic growth that will carry us through this century and into the next.

To meet the economic and environmental challenges that confront our country today, we must devise new strategies to accommodate emerging technologies. Our nation generates over two million tons of used electronics annually, and without following proper recycling and management practices, the disposal of our old computers, monitors, and cell phones can release toxic materials into our environment, endanger human health, and prevent the recovery and reuse of valuable resources. For the well-being of our people and our planet, we must consider the full lifecycle impacts of our products and strive to manage our resources in a sustainable way.

To ensure America remains a global leader in developing new, sustainable electronics technologies, President Obama launched the National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship in 2011. The strategy establishes a framework for responsible electronics design, purchasing, management, and recycling that will accelerate our burgeoning electronics recycling market and create jobs for the future here at home. To lead by example, the Obama Administration is committed to efficient use, reuse, and proper disposal of electronics within the Federal Government, and we are collaborating with certified recycling centers to handle and dispose of used electronics safely and effectively. We are also forging new partnerships with the private sector that will advance electronics recycling across our country. Through collaboration and shared responsibility, we are protecting public health, preserving environmental quality, and laying the foundation for a 21st century economy.

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