From the Archives: Meet the Presidential Moms

Behind every President is the mother who raised him. In honor of Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday, May 13) our colleagues at the National Archives put together a gallery of Presidents and their moms, selected from the holdings of the 13 Presidential Libraries. 

  • Hulda Minthorn Hoover

    Hulda Minthorn Hoover, mother of Herbert Hoover. Circa 1870.

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  • Sara Delano Roosevelt

    Sara Delano Roosevelt with 5 year old Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1887.

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  • Martha Ellen Truman

    President Truman and his mother, Mary Ellen Truman, disembarking on an airplane during Martha Ellen Truman's first visit to Washington in 1945.

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  • Ida Eisenhower

    Photograph of the Eisenhower family on the steps of the family home. L-R: Roy, Arthur, Earl, Edgar, David, Milton, Ida; Dwight seated on steps. 1925.

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  • Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

    President John F. Kennedy applauds his mother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, during the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation Awards Dinner. December 6, 1962.

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  • Rebekah Baines Johnson

    Portrait of Rebekah Baines Johnson. 1917.

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  • Richard Nixon and his mom

    Photograph of Richard Nixon’s family: Francis A. Nixon and Hannah Nixon with children: L-R: Harold, Donald, and Richard. 1916

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  • Dorothy Gardner Ford

    Gerald R. Ford in a striped suit with his mother, Dorothy Gardner Ford, and his half-brother, James F. "Jim" Ford, possibly on Easter Sunday. 1918.

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  • Lillian Carter

    Miss Lillian Carter pays a brief call on her son, President Jimmy Carter, after her return trip from India. February 17, 1977.

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  • Nelle Wilson Reagan

    Reagan family Christmas card. L-R: John Edward Reagan, Neil Reagan, Nelle Wilson Reagan, Ronald Reagan. Circa 1916.

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  • Dorothy Bush

    Prescott and Dorothy Bush, the parents of George H.W. Bush. Circa 1952.

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  • Virginia Clinton

    Family Portrait of Bill Clinton with his mother Virginia and his half brother Roger Clinton. 1959.

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  • Barbara Bush

    George and Barbara Bush with their first born child George W. Bush, while Bush was a student at Yale. Circa 1947.

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  • Stanley Ann Dunham

    Barack Obama with his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

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