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Why Refi? (May 6, 2012)

Millions of families who bought homes before the financial crisis are locked in at the high interest rates of the past. Even though they have done everything right, including making their payments on time each month, they can't refinance at today's rates, which are historically low.

That's why President Obama is urging Congress to take up his proposal to cut through the red tape that currently prevents these families from saving hundreds of dollars every month.

Making the process simpler will have an outsized effect. It will give families more money for their everyday needs, which in turn will benefit local communities and the entire economy. It won't just help those who own homes; it will help the country.

It has the potential to be a huge deal, so we want to make sure you have the facts -- and get a chance to tell us what you think.

Take a minute to watch this White House Whiteboard from Brian Deese:

Then answer a few questions that will help guide our work in the weeks ahead:


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