Engaging Children and Families in Building a Stronger America

Roxanne Hiller is being honored as a Champion of Change for her commitment to delivering on the promise of Head Start in her community, helping to educate and care for our youngest, most vulnerable children. 

It is a great honor to be recognized as a Champion of Change for providing high quality services to children and families enrolled in the Head Start Program. I’ve committed myself to engaging children and families in constructing a stronger foundation both educationally and emotionally to better assist in building a stronger America.

As a teacher trying to establish our future with the ability to embrace children’s love of learning and spark an interest in school, I’ve prided myself on individualizing for each student and finding a way to reach out to all children and their different development levels. I use a variety of curricula that promote higher levels of literacy and vocabulary. I provide hands on experiences, active participation and learning opportunities for each child, building a solid foundation of school readiness skills that sets them up for success throughout their school years.

This past year, I have been recognized by my agency during a Federal Review that monitored our classroom using the CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) tool. Our program scored higher in all areas of the dimensions nationwide and particularly in the dimension of positive climate and teacher sensitivity. I received the Educator of the Year Award through the California Head Start Association and was chosen by The Special Quest Group of the Napa County Office of Education that collaborated with the Head Start National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning to capture video clips of quality teaching practices in preschool, which will be available to teachers nationwide.

I believe I am a great advocate in introducing and recruiting families to be involved in the mission of the Head Start Program. Families have shared that no matter where they are at or what status they hold, they feel welcomed, appreciated and recognized as an important influence in their child’s lives and education when they walk into the classroom. Established partnerships have enabled them to feel safe, accepted and worthy of enriching their children’s education. Families that have experienced volunteering in my classroom and become empowered as family educators have continued to participate in their child’s education well into their elementary school years.

Roxanne is a Teacher at the Connection Head Start program in West Point

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