Teaching Life Skills to Youth

Mike BuscemiMike Buscemi is being honored as a Champion of Change because of his long history of work with youth and the development of Lions Quest, a comprehensive life skills program.

As a former school teacher, a parent and a proud grandparent, I am convinced that the future of our society, our country and our great Lion organization is dependent on our commitment to building a healthy next generation. This includes preparing young people to live the most productive lives possible and to commit to serving others and “paying it forward” as we do with our Lions clubs. When I was a junior high school teacher, the challenges my students faced became my reality as well. My students needed skills in learning how to resist peer pressure, stay true to themselves and make safe and healthy decisions. These are tools that every child needs, yet we don’t always have a clear process for communicating these skills and life lessons to students. In developing what eventually became the Lions Quest program, we looked at the whole child throughout the schooling process. What Lions around the world offer millions of children through this program are the personal and practical skills to function independently and successfully as an adult, a parent, an employee and a future leader. Being a Lion member sends a clear signal to the world that as members of the community we are unwilling to allow our world’s youth to be neglected or ignored.

Mike Buscemi of Thornville, Ohio, is a member of the Thornville Lions Club and has been a Lion since 1982.

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