West Wing Week: 11/09/12 or "Our Journey Forward"

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the President urged Americans to contribute to the recovery efforts in the Northeast, met with governors, mayors, and other local officials, as well as his Homeland Security team to talk about the response to Sandy, and addressed the nation on election night.

Friday, November 2nd: 

  • The President spoke about ways Americans can get involved and support the recovery efforts underway to assist communities affected by Sandy.
Saturday, November 3rd: 
  • Following a meeting with state and local leaders and senior members of his Homeland Security team, President Obama reiterated that his number one priority is making sure that all available federal resources are in place to support the recovery, and that red tape is no way stemming the flow of much needing relief.
Monday, November 5th:
  • The President convened a phone call with his senior staff to discuss federal efforts to support ongoing response and recovery efforts from Sandy.
  • Meanwhile, whitehouse.gov posted new information for affected business and homeowners of funds available through the Small Business Administration.
Tuesday, November 6th:
  • On Tuesday night, the President addressed the nation after a vigorous campaign. 
Wednesday, November 7th:
  • The President and his Family traveled back to the White House for a well-deserved good night's sleep before rolling up his sleeves and getting to work on a long list of priorities waiting on his desk in the Oval Office.