Photo Gallery: White House Holiday China

  • Holiday China Room

    A table is set in the China Room for the White House holidays.

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  • China Room Table Set

    The Truman China is set to illustrate the joy of families sitting down to enjoy a holiday dinner.

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  • Truman China Dinner Plate

    The Truman China dinner plate was purchased in 1951.

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  • Clinton China Service Plate

    The Clinton China service plate was created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the first occupancy of the White House by John Adams in 1800.

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  • Johnson China Bowl

    The Johnson China bowl was made in 1968 by Castleton China.

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  • Kennedy Glassware

    The Kennedy glassware was selected by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

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  • Gilded Candlesticks

    These gilded candlesticks were made by John Schofield and Richard Cooke in London, and acquired by the Eisenhower Administration in 1957.

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  • Gilded Candlestick by Paul Storr

    This gilded candlestick was made by Paul Storr in London in 1812-13, and acquired by the Eisenhower Administration in 1957.

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In the China Room, a table has been set to illustrate the joy of families sitting down to enjoy a holiday dinner. The dinner plates are from the Truman China set, which was selected by First Lady Bess Truman in 1951 and is the first state china service to feature the Presidential Coat of Arms as redesigned by President Harry Truman in 1945. Following the end of World War II, President Truman issued an Executive Order to standardize the Presidential Seal, and the Coat of Arms was modified so that the eagle faces to its right, the direction of honor, and also toward the olive branch, a symbol of peace, rather than toward the arrows which represent war.

In addition to the Truman China, the table is set with select pieces used by previous Presidents and First Ladies for formal entertaining—including a candlestick dating back to 1791. The other pieces used to decorate the table are the Clinton China service plate, the Johnson China center bowl, the Kennedy glassware, one brass candlestick from the Reagan administration, and some gilded silver candlesticks from the Eisenhower administration.

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