Setting Goals and Measuring Progress to Better Serve the American People

Today, we mark another milestone in the Administration’s effort to change the way government does business – the launch of an updated and enhanced version of the website.

In his inaugural address, President Obama charged the Federal government with delivering a government that works for the American people and does our business in the light of day. Congress recognized the importance of improving government performance as well, and passed the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act in 2010, helping to set the standard for brings into the light how government is working, and it is also a tool to help agencies deliver on the President’s charge. The site lets the public see how agencies are progressing on their performance priorities. It also helps managers and employees across the government stay focused on their priorities and constantly look for smarter ways to accomplish their objectives. Plus, it supports cross-agency collaboration on shared goals. is being updated today to provide additional information about each performance goal, including the first installment of quarterly progress reports. The site now also lets the public and others in government quickly identify the public servant managing progress on each goal and find additional information about why the goal was selected, how progress is being made, which programs are contributing to the effort, and what steps are being taken to make further progress.

The President’s approach to improving Federal performance is showing real results. Over one million homes have been retrofitted to be more energy efficient, saving each household hundreds of dollars per year. Exports and broadband coverage are on the rise. Improper payments are declining. Patent applications are being processed with increasing speed and efficiency. And nearly 90,000 additional families have affordable rental housing. These are just a few examples of the progress we are making across the government by focusing relentlessly on performance.

The updated launched today strengthens the government’s performance management with greater transparency, accountability, and shared responsibility. But our work is not done. The Administration will push for more progress on these goals, and, as needed, set additional ambitious goals in order to ensure that the American people get the best government possible.

Shelley Metzenbaum is OMB Associate Director for Performance and Personnel Management.

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