LGBT Families at the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll

Earlier this week, thousands of families gathered for the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll.  Among them were LGBT families from across the country.  Here’s what some of them had to say:

“What an incredible experience for our family to visit the home of the First Family and to take part in this great American tradition. It was so exciting to look around and see the diversity of American families represented. It’s a day that our kids will never forget.”

“It was amazing and awe-inspiring to be surrounded by so many amazing families of all colors and all types – all different – but united by the belief that all families deserve equality.”

"Being out, open, and proud on the lawn of the White House was a moment we will never forget.”

“The experience of attending The White House Easter Egg Roll was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our grandson.  We will have lifelong conversations about America being open to all types of FAMILIES!”

“My partner and I were honored bring our sons to The White House to take part in an iconic American family tradition.  It is a memory we will always treasure.  President Obama is a true inspiration to our boys and they were so excited have been invited to his house for this event… Needless to say, the kids had an absolute blast!  We loved seeing how much fun they had rolling eggs and playing games down the lawn.  Thank you to the Obama Administration for welcoming all families.”

“Standing on The White House lawn to celebrate with the First Family and other families of all shapes and sizes from across the nation - two dads, two moms, a mom and a dad, one mom - helped prove the point that kids are kids, no different from each other in their quest for candy and a good time.”

“Said the girls, ‘Best. Day. Ever!’ Their happy dads agree.”

Check out a photo gallery of LGBT parents and their kids at the Egg Roll:

  • AMPA White House Easter Egg Roll
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  • Bailey Klugh Easter Egg Roll
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  • Blau Family at Easter Egg Roll
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  • Superman: Blau Family Easter Egg Roll
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  • Bramble Family Easter Egg Roll
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  • White House: Bramble Family
    6 of 21
  • Charlie Morgan Easter Egg Roll
    7 of 21
  • Family Fun: Easter Egg Roll
    8 of 21
  • Katrina Easter Egg Roll
    9 of 21
  • Latz Easter Egg Roll
    10 of 21
  • Melchert Easter Egg Roll
    11 of 21
  • Eating Apples: Melchert Easter Egg Roll
    12 of 21
  • Whole Family: Melchert Easter Egg Roll
    13 of 21
  • Cartoon: Moriel Easter Egg Roll
    14 of 21
  • Soccer Player: Moriel Easter Egg Roll
    15 of 21
  • Military Family: Easter Egg Roll
    16 of 21
  • Sherr Easter Egg Roll
    17 of 21
  • The Boys: Sherr Easter Egg Roll
    18 of 21
  • Easter Egg Roll
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  • Kat and Elly Easter Egg Roll
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  • White House Easter Egg Roll 2013
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