West Wing Week 3/7/14 or “Look Who’s In Our Room”

This week, The White House hosted its first ever White House Student Film Festival, while the President addressed the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, presented his budget for Fiscal Year 2015, urged Congress to raise the minimum wage, and held a town hall on Latinos and the Affordable Care Act.

Friday, February 28th

·       The President hosted students from across the country for the first ever White House Student Film Festival.

·       Later that day, the President spoke on the ongoing developments in Ukraine.

Monday, March 3rd

·       The President hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for talks on the ongoing process towards a two state solution.

Tuesday, March 4th

·       The President announced his Fiscal Year 2015 Budget.

·       Later, the President visited Powell Elementary School to discuss his roadmap for restoring opportunity for all Americans.

·       Following that, the First Lady honored the recipients of the International Women of Courage Award.

·       After that, the First Lady reached out to students at Ying Yu Public Charter School, where she spoke about her upcoming trip to visit schools in China.

Wednesday, March 5th

·       The President joined the Secretary of Labor and four Northeastern governors in Connecticut to speak on the urgent need to raise the minimum wage.

Thursday, March 6th

·       The President, participated in the “Tu Salud y La Nueva Ley” Town Hall at the Newseum in DC, centering on Latinos and the Affordable Care Act.