West Wing Week 3/21/14 or, “24 Soldiers”


This week, the President celebrated St. Patrick's day alongside the Prime Minister of Ireland, continued to work toward a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Ukraine, hosted Palestinian President Abbas, awarded 24 Medals of Honor, and traveled to Florida to speak on the importance of supporting working families.

Friday, March 14th

·       The President celebrated St Patrick’s Day at the Friends of Ireland Lunch with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

·       Following that, the President and Prime Minister joined the First Lady and Vice President in a St Patrick’s Day Reception at the White House


Monday, March 17th

·       The President gave a statement on the ongoing events in Ukraine.

·       Later, the President held a bilateral meeting with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to discuss finding a path towards comprehensive and long lasting peace between Palestine and Israel.

Tuesday, March 18th

·       The President participated in two interviews where he talked about his choices for the Men’s and women’s NCAA basketball brackets.

·       The President then awarded 24 army veterans the Medals of Honor ni the largest ceremony of its type since World War II.

Wednesday, March 19th

·       The President hosted a screening of the upcoming film Cesar Chavez.

·       Later that night, the President appeared on the talk show Ellen for an interview from the White House.

Thursday, March 20th

·       The President made a statement on the South lawn of the White House about additional sanctions being placed on Russia.

·       The President then travelled to Orlando, Florida, where he held a roundtable with local workers and students from Valencia College on the topic of economic opportunity.

·       The White House held a We The Geeks Google Plus hangout on the topic of Women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.