Weekly Wrap Up: Climate Change Is Here, the President Is Taking Action, and More

This week, the President attended the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner; the most comprehensive report on the effects of climate change was released, Dr. Jill Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan met with educators at the White House; and more. Check out what else you may have missed in this week's wrap up.

President and Comedian-in-Chief

Over the weekend, the President attended the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner and, in keeping with the dinner's tradition, assumed the role of Comedian-in-Chief in his remarks. From poking fun at the administration to jabs at the news media, many were roasted and few were spared.

President Obama ended his remarks on a high note, thanking the White House Correspondents' Association for all of their hard work as the organization celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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And in case you missed it, two Vice Presidents opened the White House Correspondents' Dinner in a great new video.

Acting on Climate Change

This week, we released the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment, the most comprehensive source of scientific information to date about climate change and its impact across all regions of the U.S. and on critical sectors of our economy. Read the full report here and learn about the President's plan to prepare for the effects of climate change that are happening right now.

For the faint of heart, here's Dr. John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, explaining the report in less than 3 minutes:

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And the White House solar panels finally got to have their day in the sun, with a featured role in the latest edition of "Inside the White House."

"We're Not Done Yet"

Back in January during the State of the Union address, the President announced that he would take action to expand opportunities for American families wherever and whenever he can -- with Congress or without. Watch President Obama describe in his own words the actions he's taken so far this year -- like raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour for all federal contractors, addressing the gender pay gap, and giving everyday Americans a chance to save for retirement.

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Make sure to take a look at what we've done so far this year and pass it on.

Teacher Appreciation Week at the White House

On Wednesday, we invited 22 teachers from across the country to attend a White House Social celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. Social guests joined Dr. Jill Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a roundtable discussion on educational excellence and student preparedness. 

Last week, the President also welcomed educators to the White House, and the First Lady launched the Reach Higher initiative to inspire students to pursue and complete some form of higher education.


More than three weeks ago, a group of extremist militants kidnapped more than 200 teenage girls from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Nigeria. The President announced that the U.S. will assist efforts in Nigeria to find and free the girls, and the First Lady joined in the global campaign to help the missing girls and showed solidarity with their families:


To see even more of this week's events, watch the latest episode of West Wing Week below:

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