Outcomes of the Fifth US-China Innovation Dialogue

On July 8, U.S. Assistant to the President for Science and Technology Dr. John Holdren and Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang co-chaired the fifth U.S.-China Innovation Dialogue in Beijing, China.

The day before the Innovation Dialogue, on July 7, experts from the United States and China met to discuss reports on ongoing research on the best means to spur innovation through policy.  A group of Chinese experts and a group of American experts reached joint conclusions about their research related to China's High and New Technology (HNTE) tax incentive program.  The experts reports are posted at the following link: http://igcc.ucsd.edu/publications/igcc-in-the-news/news_20140714.htm.

The Dialogue took place the day prior to the 6th U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.  The following outcomes were announced:

  • Based on the experts groups' willingness to work on broader analyses of the HNTE program through case studies, China committed to design a pilot project to address concerns about the global exclusive license requirement for applicants.
  • The United States and China resolved to protect the legal rights of inventors in accordance with their respective domestic laws and regulations, and in line with their domestic laws committed to respect the rules and policies developed by employers and/or legitimate contracts between employers and inventors concerning the awards and/or remuneration of inventors.
  • The United States and China decided to cooperate on smart infrastructure for urbanization technologies through enhanced cooperation across the full continuum of basic research, R&D, standards development, demonstration, and market formation activities. The United States and China are each designating a point of contact to facilitate collaboration on smart infrastructure for urbanization activities including a framework plan to allow active participation by each country’s companies and experts in the other’s activities. Understanding that electric vehicle (EV) collaboration is a priority, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency is to support one workshop on technical standards and interoperability as they relate to EV urban infrastructure. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)’s Electric Vehicle Standards Panel will be the U.S. Coordinator and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center will be the Chinese Coordinator.


Adam Bobrow is Senior Policy Advisor for International Affairs at OSTP

Colleen V. Chien is Senior Advisor to the CTO, Intellectual Property and Innovation at OSTP

Kelly Gallagher is a Senior Policy Advisor at OSTP

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