Flu.gov Needs You

With new content, tools, and resources added daily, Flu.gov provides information on H1N1 and seasonal flu, including symptoms and treatments, vaccines, tips for prevention, and live briefings.  At this critical time, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) needs your help in informing the public about this valuable resource.  Here are some simple things you can do to promote Flu.gov:

  1. Provide links from your website or blog to Flu.gov.
    Adding links to your homepage or health-related web pages is an easy way for you to direct users to Flu.gov for important H1N1 and seasonal flu information.  The Flu.gov site provides information for parents, health care providers, government organizations, schools, businesses and more. It also includes interactive tools for evaluating flu-like symptoms and -- coming soon – more information about vaccination clinic locations.  There is also a handy myths and facts section where you can check and see if what your friend and neighbors are telling you about the flu and the flu vaccine is correct and in line with the latest guidance from the CDC, the FDA and NIH.
  2. Add a graphic to your website or blog.
    The Flu.gov graphics, available in both English and Spanish, are simple ways to show your support and use your website, blog, or social networking profile to share information.  The image serves as a link to the Flu.gov website, allowing your visitors to quickly find flu information.
  3. Reference Flu.gov on your online and offline products.
    When posting web content or creating print materials, adding references to Flu.gov is a great way to help spread the word.  With live briefings and daily content updates, the site is the one-stop resource for flu information.
  4. Print flu fact sheets and share the phone number for the national call center.
    For those Americans who may not have access to the internet, you can print the one-page fact sheets, available in multiple languages, and share the CDC-Info national contact center information to encourage individuals to speak directly with call center representatives for flu questions.

The Flu.gov website is focused on centralizing and streamlining online content and tools to provide a better service for American citizens and public health partners, and represents a new model for online government collaboration. The new and improved site is a collaborative effort across government, including HHS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the White House. Please join our effort by sharing Flu.gov resources.

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