Responses to Biden: Small Businesses, and the Morality of it All

On Monday the Vice President asked for your help in a new Reality Check – debunking the myth that health insurance reform is not needed or not important to the American people. 
We've gotten dozens and dozens of responses so far, and as you might expect even one human face of the need for health reform can speak more profoundly than charts showing the same need from millions.
This one just came in a couple hours ago. It’s one of the many reminders amongst the responses so far that a key issue in reform remains those who work hard, play by the rules, and simply can't afford health insurance. In this case we hear a small business owner who can't afford it for herself, much less her employees:

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For those who do want charts with their personal stories, read the CEA Report on how reform will help small businesses, the HHS report on how Americans have been getting less care for greater cost, or another CEA report on the dire projections for the future -- 72 million without insurance by 2040 in the absence of reform, for starters.

We're watching every submission and will continue to post some of them throughout the week.

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