Weekly Address: Health Insurance Reform, Small Business and Your Questions

The President discusses a key factor that has been considered in the development of the health insurance reform proposals that are being considered: the impact of reform on small business.
The White House Council of Economic Advisers released a major report on the subject in conjunction with this address – read the report as a web page, in pdf form, or through Slideshare.
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During the address, the President asks that small business owners and employees give us their comments and questions on the report. What are your experiences with health care as somebody involved in small business, and what are your thoughts and questions on the new CEA report in light of those experiences?
Give us your response here through WhiteHouse.gov, or if you are a member of the social network LinkedIn, go take part in the discussion CEA Chair Christina Romer initiated there. Romer will be answering some of most penetrating responses in a live video discussion on Wednesday at 3:00 PM EDT.
UPDATE: This event has now concluded.
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