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  • Creating Healthier Out-of-School Environments for Kids Across the Country

    Ed. note: This is cross-posted from the Let's Move! blog. See the original post here.

    Continuing the celebration of the fourth anniversary of Let’s Move!, the First Lady traveled to Miami to visit a parks and recreation center to highlight a new announcement around healthy out-of-school time programs. In a commitment to the Partnership for a Healthier America, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America will work to create healthy environments for their out-of-school time programs.

  • Kids Teach the First Lady and Will Ferrell About Being Healthy

    Ed. note: This is cross-posted from the Let's Move! blog. See the original post here.

    Over and over again, we’re faced with the challenge of how to get kids to eat healthy foods and stay active, so who better to hear from than the kids themselves?

    In celebration of the fourth anniversary of Let’s Move!, the First Lady and Will Ferrell hosted a Let’s Move! “focus group” with young kids to ask them about eating healthy and being active. Here’s what they had to say:

  • The First Lady Wants to See How You Move

    Four years ago, the First Lady launched Let’s Move!, a nationwide initiative to create a healthier future for our kids and families. Last night, on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," she kicked off a week-long celebration to mark how far we’ve come:

    "One of the things we’ve realized over four years is that there’s a new norm going on. When we took this issue over, there were a lot of people who were critical; that you couldn’t really talk about obesity, that it might not be an issue. But now, over the past four years, communities have been changing. So the day of a child’s life is different from beginning to end. Daycare centers are changing what they feed kids; they’re getting them up and moving. Schools have new lunch standards. After-school programs are getting kids engaged."

    To mark the four-year anniversary, the First Lady is asking people of all ages to show her how they move through their everyday fitness routine, how they are making better food choices, or how they are helping move their community toward new standards of health for our kids. The First Lady even promised an exciting surprise: "The fun thing is, is that if we get enough of a response, we’ll have a little surprise: The President -- and maybe the Vice President -- will show us how they move."

  • First Lady Michelle Obama: "I Need You to See This"

    Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama sent the message below to the White House email list, urging Americans across the country to visit and get covered.

    Didn't get the email? Join millions of other Americans and make sure you're in the loop.


    As a mom, I know life gets busy. Most folks already have way too much on their plates -- they shouldn't have to worry about health care coverage, too.

    We all deserve the security that comes from having health coverage that's there for us -- that we can count on when we need it most.

    If you still don't have health insurance, you can go to, compare your options, and pick a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

    And if you're already covered, make sure the people you love are covered, too.

    Millions of moms, dads, and Americans across the country have already picked out affordable plans that work for them. They've done this because they know that life throws you plenty of curveballs. That's what getting covered is all about: being ready for whatever comes your way.

    This isn't about politics -- it's about peace of mind for you and for your family.

    So if you still need health insurance, go to and select a plan.

    And if you're already covered, I need your help: Forward this message to a friend or loved one who needs to see it and make sure they've signed up for health insurance, too.

    Our health -- and the health of our families -- depends on it.


    First Lady Michelle Obama

  • West Wing Week 2/14/14 or, "The Red, White, and Blue -- and the Blue, White, and Red"

    This week, the President hosted the first state visit for the French President in 20 years, signed the farm bill and raised the minimum wage for federal contractors. That's February 7th  to February 13th or, "The Red, White, and Blue -- and the Blue, White, and Red."

  • Behind the Scenes at the France State Dinner: See the Menu

    President François Hollande of France raises a toast with President Barack Obama during the State Dinner on the South Lawn

    President Barack Obama raises his glass in a toast with President François Hollande of France during the State Dinner at the White House, Feb. 11, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

    Update: Read President Obama and President Hollande's remarks in an exchange of toasts at tonight's state dinner.

    This evening, the President and Mrs. Obama will host a state dinner in honor of President François Hollande of France. The French State Dinner menu and theme was inspired by the shared history and friendship between the United States and France.  

    White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford and White House Executive Pastry Chef William Yosses have created a menu that features delicacies from across the United States and celebrates the best of American cuisine. The menu incorporates produce grown by farmers across the country and those grown here at the White House in the White House Kitchen Garden. 

    Go behind the scenes in the White House kitchen to see how Chefs Comerford and Yosses prepared for tonight's meal, then check out what's on the menu below. 

  • First Lady Michelle Obama Announces that the Construction Industry Will Hire 100,000 Veterans Over the Next 5 Years

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    P021014AL-0109 -

    First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks at the National Symposium on Veterans' Employment in Construction, in support of Joining Forces, at the Department of Labor in Washington, D.C., Feb. 10, 2014. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and veterans Larry Melton and Katie Sanicky are onstage with the First Lady. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

    Today, First Lady Michelle Obama  addressed well over 300 stakeholders from the military, business community, and federal  government at the first ever Veterans’ Employment in Construction Symposium at the Department of Labor. The First Lady announced that more than 100 companies in the construction industry are committing to hire more than 100,000 veterans over the next 5 years.  

  • West Wing Week 02/07/14 or "POTUS Cam!"

    This week, the President urged action on long-term unemployment, hung out on Google+ for his first virtual road trip, announced major private-sector commitments to expand broadband Internet for students, spoke with both House and Senate Democrats, and joined the First Lady for the National Prayer Breakfast. The First Lady helped students get a leg up with filing for financial aid, and the Vice President unveiled Amtrak’s new Cities Sprinter electric locomotive.

  • Fill Out Your FAFSA, Get Help Paying for College


    First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks during a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) workshop at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va., Feb. 5, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

    On Wednesday, during her visit to T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, First Lady Michelle Obama asked students a good question: Why would the First Lady of the United States come to a school and spend time with students “just to watch you fill out a computer form?”

    The answer is that filling out one particular form – the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid – is one of the most important things students and families can do in planning for college success.

    “You don’t have to be the valedictorian. You don’t have to major in a certain subject,” the First Lady said in her remarks. “You don’t even have to be at the bottom of the income ladder to receive the money.”

    There is no income cutoff to qualify for financial aid, and most federal student aid programs don’t take grades into consideration when you apply.

  • First Lady Michelle Obama: “I’m First”

    Last November, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to the sophomore class at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington, D.C. about the importance of higher education. In her remarks, Mrs. Obama talked about how education has created opportunity in her own life, working hard to attend and graduate from college.

    Today, we are releasing a special video message from the First Lady in which she talks about being the first in her family to attend college. This video is part of the “I’m First” storytelling project, which lifts up the stories of first generation college students in order to inspire future generations.

    As the First Lady says in her video, “no matter where you come from or how much money your family has, I want you to know that you can succeed in college, and get your degree, and then go on to build an incredible life for yourself.”