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Dan Pfeiffer
Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor

Dan Pfeiffer currently serves as Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor. In January 2009, Pfeiffer joined the White House as Deputy Communications Director and became the Communications Director in December 2009. He first joined the President’s campaign as the Traveling Press Secretary and later became the Communications Director. Prior to working on the campaign, Pfeiffer previously worked for Vice President Al Gore, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle and Senators Tim Johnson and Evan Bayh.

A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Pfeiffer graduated from Georgetown University.

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Dan Pfeiffer's Posts

  • Health Care

    CBO Confirms Families Will Save Money Under Health Reform

    More good news from the CBO about what reform will mean for families struggling to keep up with skyrocketing premiums under the broken status quo.

  • Health Care

    Reality Check: Column Ignores Facts about Health Reform

    In today's Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer takes great pains to paint a bleak picture of health care reform as "monstrous," "overregulated," and rife with "arbitrary bureaucratic inventions." The columnist's argument may be cogent and well-written, but it is wholly inaccurate.

  • Health Care

    Reality Check: Health Insurance Reform and Guns

    It’s amazing that after so many months debating health insurance reform, sometimes a myth we see being spread about it can still surprise us.

  • Health Care

    Health Insurance Reform vs. Medicare Part D

    Opponents of health insurance reform have spent hours on the Senate floor today attacking the Senate's efforts to provide stability and security for those with insurance, affordable coverage for those without, and lower costs for families, small businesses and the government. To provide a little perspective on these attacks, let’s compare today's legislation with the 2003 Medicare Part D effort, which many of these same critics supported.

  • Health Care

    Speaking of Page Numbers...

    Since some opponents of reform seem too obsessed with the length of the Senate health insurance reform bill (pdf) to even bother looking at what's in it for American families, we thought we'd make it a little easier for them to find some key of provisions they're working so hard to kill.

  • Health Care

    Reality Check: The "Rationing" Smear... Again?

    When people use arguments they know are bogus, it's probably because they know they don't have any valid arguments at their disposal. So it would seem with opponents of reform in the Senate spending today obsessed with arguments about "rationing" that were debunked months ago.

  • Health Care

    Reality Check: Desperately Twisting the CBO Analysis on the Deficit

    The same defenders of the status quo who recently held up the Congressional Budget Office as the gold standard scramble to undermine their estimates now.

  • Health Care

    Reality Check: Beware What “Critics Say” on Reform and Mammograms

    One of the hallmark tactics from opponents of health insurance reform has been to grab onto any convenient piece of information and twist it into some misguided attack on reform, no matter how unrelated it may actually be. The hope appears to be that some media outlet will give them unchecked airtime under the banner of covering the “controversy.” Today they’re going back to that playbook again, and Fox News obliges them with the headline “Critics See Health Care Rationing Behind New Mammography Recommendations.”

  • Health Care

    The Public Option: Rumor Check

    Deputy Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer clears up any confusion on President Obama's support for the public option in Congress.

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