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Macon Phillips
Former Director of Digital Strategy

Macon Phillips formerly served as Special Assistant to the President and Director of Digital Strategy at The White House. As the Director of Digital Strategy, Phillips developed and managed the Obama Administration's online program, including WhiteHouse.gov.

Prior to the White House, Phillips ran the new media program for the Presidential Transition Team (Change.gov) and served as the Deputy Director of the Obama campaign's new media department (BarackObama.com).

Before the campaign, Phillips led Blue State Digital's strategy practice, working with clients like the Democratic National Committee and Senator Ted Kennedy. A proud AmeriCorps VISTA alum, the Huntsville, Alabama native is a graduate of Duke University.

Follow Macon Phillips on Twitter @Macon44.

Macon Phillips's Posts

  • Deepwater BP Oil Spill

    Robert Gibbs Answers Your Questions on the Oil Spill after President Obama's Oval Office Address

    Submit and vote on questions about the BP Oil Spill and the Federal response to the disaster you want White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to answer in a live broadcast immediately following the President's Oval Office address.

  • Health Care

    Health Care Reform Questions Answered via Twitter

    Earlier today, Nancy-Ann DeParle, the Director of the White House Office of Health Reform answered some questions via twitter that were posed by a popular blogger, Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce).

  • Foreign Policy

    The New START Treaty and Protocol

    Earlier today, President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia signed the New START treaty and its protocol. Read the text of the treaty and the President's remarks..

  • Service

    A Winning Attitude

    As someone who grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, it was a real treat when the Alabama Crimson Tide -- the current BCS National Football Champions -- came to the White House. But they did more than give President Obama his own jersey -- the team continued to demonstrate its winning attitude through public service.

  • Education

    What Do Students Want to Know about President Obama’s Higher-Ed Agenda?

    I wanted to point out something different we are trying out: an effort to connect with college newspapers across the country and get questions directly from students about the Obama Administration’s higher-ed agenda.

  • Health Care

    What's in the Health Care Bill?

    While the media are focusing on the political implications of health insurance reform, most Americans just want to know how it will affect them. You can find a number of resources right here on WhiteHouse.gov.

  • Economy

    Tax Returns Are Up 10% - Find Out If You Qualify for Recovery Act Tax Credits

    Thanks in large part to tax benefits in the Recovery Act, taxpayers are seeing larger refunds from their 2009 tax returns this season -- according to the IRS, average tax returns are up by almost 10 percent this year. While these tax return averages are interesting ... the question you're probably asking is "Do I qualify for any of those benefits?" To help you get answers, we've launched an interactive Tax Savings Tool to help you understand which Recovery Act tax benefits you should include in your filing.

  • Health Care

    Knocking Down What They Make Up

    Increasingly desperate opponents of health reform continue their effort to shift the debate from the popular aspects of reform, such as more consumer protections for people, competitive marketplaces that offer small businesses health insurance at reasonable rates, and the reduction of overall health care costs over time. Instead, opponents of reform often choose to invent wild claims without any regard for evidence or accuracy.

  • Health Care

    "Make True on that Promise"

    In his remarks to the House Democratic Caucus yesterday, President Obama put the upcoming health insurance reform effort into a larger context with some powerful thoughts about how he got invovled in politics and what moments like now mean for the country.

  • Foreign Policy

    President Obama's Nowruz Message

    In this video, President Obama sends an important message to those celebrating the Persian holiday of Nowruz, and in particular to the people and government of Iran.

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