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  • You Are Not Alone

    In 2007 Heather Carter was asked by the Youth Suicide Prevention Program (YSPP) to start an LGBT component for the organization. She created OUTLoud in an attempt to reduce the rate of suicide among LGBT youth in Washington State.

  • The Ambition to Inspire All

    The Redwood String Ensemble's mission is to demonstrate that music has the unique power to surpass the limits as race, creed, gender, and sexuality.

  • Community, Patriotism and Responsibility

    George Stewart has seen different forms of discrimination throughout his life, which has led him to advocate on behalf of the LGBT community through SAGE.

  • Just Like You

    The Military Acceptance Project is working to put a face to the service of gay and lesbian service members to shatter the negative stereotypes that the general public may have about their service.

  • The Honest Passion to Give Back

    Terry learned about the importance of working for my community from his mom and dad, and he has applied that lesson everyday for the past 20 years as he helped out the 33,000 people a week that seek shelter at LGBT Community Centers.

  • It Gets Better

    JJ Kahle works to eliminate homophobia and transphobia from our educational environment as headlines throughout the United States painfully remind us, the consequences of the educational community turning a blind eye to bullying and harassment of students are starkly inadequate, negligent, and at times, fatal.

  • The White House Celebrates LGBT Champions of Change

    The White House honors Champions of Change who have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of LGBT people across the country, representing countless other individuals and organizations who are equally dedicated to equal rights for LGBT people.

  • Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh Shares Hepatitis B Awareness Tools for AAPI Communities

    Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh shares Hepatitis B awareness tools for AAPI communities, who comprise over half of Americans living with chronic Hepatitis B.

  • From the Archives: Ruby Bridges Visits the White House

    One year ago today, President Obama visited with an icon of the civil rights movement in the Oval Office

  • Honoring Title IX Every Day

    Russlynn Ali, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education, discusses the successes of Title IX as well as the important work that remains to be done.