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  • Partnership for Sustainable Communities Marks 4th Anniversary with Web-Streaming Twitter Town Hall

    The U.S. Department of Transportation is celebrating the four-year anniversary of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities by hosting a webinar series about three topics on which EPA, HUD, and DOT offer coordinated support: investing in green infrastructure, creating context-sensitive streets, and integrating housing and transportation planning.

  • Building a 21st Century Electric Grid

    President Obama signs a Presidential Memorandum that will speed the modernization of the nation’s electric grid, by helping make electricity more reliable, save consumers money on their energy bills, and support homegrown American clean energy jobs and industries by making renewable energy easier to access across the country.

  • New Energy Efficiency Standards for Microwave Ovens Will Save Consumers Money

    Learn more about the Department of Energy's new energy efficiency standards for microwaves and how to choose energy efficiency appliances for your home.

  • A Snapshot of Our Nation’s Scientific Ocean Vessels

    Released today, the Federal Oceanographic Fleet Status Report provides a comprehensive review of the Nation’s fleet of oceanographic survey and research vessels. These 47 ships are part of our Nation’s critical infrastructure, collecting vital information to help protect lives and property from marine hazards, measure and project global climate change and ocean acidification, enhance safety and security, and more.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: “You Will Not Travel That Path Alone”

    Here’s a quick glimpse at what happened this week on

  • A Stronger and Sustainable Military for the 21st Century

    The President and the Department of Defense are taking unprecedented steps to protect our environment, achieve significant cost savings, and give our military better energy options.

  • Happy National Bike to Work Day

    Today is National Bike to Work Day! Learn more about how Federal employees are reducing pollution and incorporating healthy activity into their workday through bike commuting.

  • Building Infrastructure and Healthy Communities

    As part of the Administration's work to make America a magnet for jobs by building a 21st century infrastructure, the President today signed a Presidential Memorandum that will modernize the Federal permitting process and cut timelines in half for major infrastructure projects that grow our economy and support healthy communities.

  • National Strategy for the Arctic Region Announced

    The National Strategy for the Arctic Region sets forth the United States Government’s
    strategic priorities for the Arctic region.

  • A Strategy for the Arctic, Informed by Sound Science

    Today, the Obama Administration released the first-ever National Strategy for the Arctic Region—an approach to protecting national security, promoting environmental stewardship, supporting native cultures, providing for appropriate economic development, and strengthening international cooperation in the Arctic region.