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  • Keeping the Military’s Energy Options Open

    By cutting our demand for fuel, we can build a lighter, leaner, more lethal military force and lower our costs

  • A Clear Answer to Clean Water

    NRCS Chief Dave White highlights the launch of a new National Water Quality Initiative committed to improving one to seven impaired watersheds in every U.S. state and territory.

  • Green Button Momentum

    The Obama Administration has partnered with the utility industry and challenged them to make it easier for electricity customers to get secure online access to their own household or building energy-use in a consumer- and computer-friendly format, called “Green Button.” Responding to a call by President Obama to help families and businesses take better control of their energy bills, a number of companies announced their commitment to use the Green Button standard in their products.

  • Protecting Jobs in the American Wind Industry

    Heather Zichal talks about a few key items on the President’s “To-Do” list for Congress –- including extending the Production Tax Credit (PTC) and the 48C Advanced Energy Manufacturing Credit

  • Green Button Momentum

    To make it easier for business and consumers to save energy and money, we need to make it easier for them to understand how they use energy.

  • Brainstorming With Energy Data

    Building on the success of the Green Button initiative—which is providing consumers with secure access to their own energy data and has facilitated the voluntary release of energy-use data in computer-readable form to encourage private-sector innovation—the Energy Data Initiative aims to harness the power of energy data through a combination of technology and ingenuity.

  • Harnessing America’s Energy Future in the Great Lakes

    Representatives of five states and ten Federal agencies, together comprising the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Energy Consortium, met for the first time last week with the goal of promoting the development of offshore wind power projects in the Great Lakes.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: President Obama Tweets to America

    A quick glimpse at this week on

  • President Obama Talks Clean Energy in Iowa

    President Obama travels to Newton, Iowa to push for the renewal of a tax credit for companies that produce clean energy.

  • In Case You Missed It: Broad Bipartisan Support to Extend the Production Tax Credit

    As part of his Congressional To-Do List, the President is calling on Congress to pass legislation that will extend the Production Tax Credit, which has drawn strong bipartisan support from governors, members of Congress, and industry.