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  • Happy 98th Birthday to the National Park Service

    On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson created the National Park Service to formally protect and preserve these lands so people all over the world could experience America's historic beauty and heritage for years to come.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Iraq and Ferguson, Raising the Wage, and Modernizing Government

    This week, President Obama discussed the continuing humanitarian crisis in Iraq and the situation in Ferguson, Missouri; the White House announced progress on raising the minimum wage; and the Administration launched the U.S. Digital Service to help modernize our government.

  • Summer Mailbag: Ask the White House Your Questions

    In the spirit of making the White House more open and accessible, we're bringing back the Summer Mailbag edition of West Wing Week, where people across the country can ask the White House questions on social media. Ask your questions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Google+ using the hashtag #AskTheWH, and watch West Wing Week to find out if yours gets answered.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Iraq, Africa, and 53 Years

    This week, we talked about the imminent danger climate change poses to our world; the President made a statement on the crisis in Iraq; hosted the largest event that any U.S. President has ever held with African heads of state and government; and celebrated his 53rd birthday.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Jobs, a VP #TBT, Iced Tea, and BBQ

    This week, something happened that hasn't happened since 1997 (hint: it's about jobs), the Vice President participated in #ThrowbackThursday, the Press Secretary surprised a few folks by inviting them to dinner with the President, and the President strolled down Main Street, grabbing some iced tea, touring an antique watch shop, and chatting with local residents along the way. Check out what else you may have missed in this week's wrap up.

  • Raw Video: The President Takes a Walk Down Main Street

    While visiting Parkville, Missouri, President Obama took a walk down Main Street (literally) — talking with residents and visiting some "mom and pop" shops along the way.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Astronauts, "Inversions," and the VP and a White Board

    This week, some astronauts stopped by the White House (hint: think 1969), we talked about "inversions" (more on that later), the President awarded the Medal of Honor, and the Vice President got a marker and white board and gave us a little bit of history on our nation's infrastructure.

  • What You Might Have Missed This Week:

    This week, President Obama addressed the crash of Flight MH17, talked about investing in our country's infrastructure, and continued to take important steps to respond to a changing climate -- and the First Lady hosted the Kids' State Dinner, featuring 54 delicious recipes from around the country.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: "The Departed," Pizza, Pool, and Fireworks

    This week, President Obama sat down with everyday Americans who wrote him from around the country; he grabbed some pizza and shot some pool in Denver; he chowed down on some BBQ in Austin; and we celebrated Independence Day at the White House. Check out what else you may have missed in this week's wrap up.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Team USA, 9.7 Million Jobs, and 50 Years of the Civil Rights Act

    This week, the President cheered on and congratulated Team USA; we saw a promising jobs report; the President talked about planes, trains, and automobiles in a speech on infrastructure and the economy; and the Vice President reflected on the 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act.