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  • Inspiring Hope: One Story Makes All the Difference

    Leveraging the power of sharing the stories of real women who have overcome obstacles and come out triumphant -- Elvira Diaz, with the the help of groups like PICO and ACTIONN, continues to encourage, organize and inspire women to be accountable for their lives, families and communities.

  • Teaching As An Act of Social Justice

    Nancy Cubano is a founding faculty member of the KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy, delighted by her ability to teach, inspire and cultivate the minds of eager students each day. Nancy knows first-hand the adversities that can discourage minority youth from successfully pursuing an education.

  • Collective Minds, Hearts and Hands Working for Change

    Rising to the occassion -- Melinda Wiggins has done just that and inspires students that participate in her Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) program to do the same. Addressing immediate problems facing farmworkers, Melinda echoes the ideals of Cesar Chavez -- service, acceptance and respect for life and the environment.

  • Solely Fulfilled by a Life of Service

    Bernarda Wong finds that the her joy comes not only from helping others, but from stopping to see the changes that have made peoples' lives better. As a founder and President of the Chinese American Service League (CASL), she has the opportunity to see the lifechanging effects of her work each day.

  • Everlasting Struggle: The Sentiments of a Legend

    Serving others without the expectation of recognition -- that is what has carried Rogelio Lona through his 47-plus years as a farmworker. His mentor Cesar Chavez reinforced the ideal that nothing comes easy, especially lacking preparation; that, with Rogelio's hard work and zeal for organizing people around causes that will change their lives, drives him to press on.

  • A Heart for the Homeless

    In memory of her son and in fulfillment of the purpose predestined for her own life, Rev. Eve Nunez touches the lives and meets the needs of homeless Americans through her Help 4 Kidz program.

  • “All Right, Let’s Plant!” The Fourth Annual WH Kitchen Garden Planting

    The First Lady kicks off the fourth annual White House Kitchen Garden planting with the help of some very special gardeners-- students from all across the country who wrote to her about the hard work they've put in to promoting healthy lifestyles in their schools and communities.

  • Dr. Jill Biden: Military Support Will Define Future Leaders

    At the 2012 4-H Youth Conference, Dr. Jill Biden applauded the support 4-H has always given military families, saying the Club has always provided "military-connected children [with] an outlet -- a chance to use their talents -- and helped them reach their full potential,” she said.

  • Let's Move! Tweetup at the White House: Easter Egg Roll

    Let's Move invites its followers on twitter and facebook and their children to apply for their chance to attend the next tweetup for the 134th annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

  • Teaching Good Habits

    A physical education and health teacher at Alice B. Beal Elementary School, Cindy Coughlin has been teaching the merits of exercise and healthy eating for the past 17 years -- teaching her students lessons they can carry with them for a lifetime.