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  • Soccer for Fitness and Belonging

    As the Athletic Program Director of DC Scores, Kenneth "Kenny" Owens uses "the combination of soccer, poetry, and service-learning to help increase a student’s level of physical fitness, school engagement, self-worth, and sense of belonging in his/her community."

  • Helping A Community Discover (Re-Discover) An Active Lifestyle

    Dr. Richard Kozoll, determined to reverse the effects of a less mobile population, plays to the natural beauty of the outdoors in rural New Mexico. His prescription for getting communities excited about moving outdoors: infrastructure changes.

  • Transforming Lives through Running—One Child at a Time

    Beyond her role as a middle-school English teacher, Shawanda Weems serves as a coach and mentor to third through eighth graders of the PS/MS 15 Jaguars track team in the University Heights neighborhood of the Bronx -- promoting physical health and positive self-image in her students.

  • Coaching for Success: A Winning Approach

    As the founding president of the UCLA chapter of Coaching Corps, Cameron Hajialiakbar works to train and place volunteer coaches in after-school programs serving girls and boys in low-income communities to bridge the ever-growing access gap between those that have and those that don’t have access to quality youth sports programming.

  • Organizing the Community for Healthier Lifestyles

    Sarah Bucher has made it her mission to promote healthy lifestyles for employees, participants, child care centers and YMCA programs. In her role as the Director of Healthy Living at YMCA and JCC of Greater Toledo, Bucher has connected community leaders to create local and state-level changes in policy, systems and environment.

  • Soccer as a Vehicle for Social Change

    As the Program Coordinator for the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) Soccer for Success program, Hector Avila focuses on life skills development through sports. Hector knows firsthand the impact soccer can have on one's life -- he was part of a free youth soccer program that changed his life and career path.

  • Recreation Employees Make a Difference

    Humbled by the difference he has made in the lives of Portland children -- and those who are young at heart -- Andre Ashley continues to advocate for programs that encourage physical activity and recreation in communities.

  • Promoting Peaceful Communities through Sport and Play

    Robert and Amy Castaneda have made it their mission to make their community "a peaceful place through sport and play" founding Beyond the Ball in 1998, a youth and community development organization which "uses the power of sport to change lives, give hope, reclaim space and develop a culture of opportunities for youth and families in Chicago."

  • Actively Forging a Bond for the Future of our Children, Parks & Communities

    Dr. Carolyn Ward founded the Kids in Parks Initiative to bring together the public and private sectors with one common goal: to promote the health and future of our kids, our parks and our communities.

  • Fostering Body and Mind

    A physical education instructor at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins Colorado for the past 15 years, Chris West has co-lead the Wellness program since 2006 developing innovative methods to integrate academics into his physical education classes and helped changed the mindset of the school to greater physical activity.